Friday, July 30, 2004

Found it

Moving the post just below this one to this blog fixed the other one without breaking this one, then copying it back didn’t break that one either. Apparently something just glitched during the posting process. I think I’ll probably copy a lot of the stuff on my other blog to this one just to be safe.

Decisive? Strong?

From the Associate press on 7-28-04:

John Edwards Claims John Kerry Is "Decisive. Strong."

John Edwards saluted John Kerry Wednesday night as a man tested a generation ago in the heat of battle, ready now to lead America in an age of terrorism. 'Decisive. Strong. Aren't those the traits you want in a commander in chief?' Edwards said at the Democratic National Convention.
Click here for a few facts about that. Actually, the whole site is worth spending some time studying.

Still testing

OK, so this blog looks OK at this point, with the sidebar where it belongs. I guess I'm going to start moving some things from the old blog to this one to see if the problem follows one particular (corrupted?) post. For a while, some of my posts will be there, some here, and maybe some both places.


I just created a 2nd blog as part of the process of trying to figure out what's going on with my other one.